Cat Position Names and Their Meanings

Cats are experts at snoozing, but they also have a few weird and adorable sleeping positions. Let’s explore what some of these positions mean and why your kitty chooses to sleep in them!

Most cats prefer to sleep curled up and tucked in, which conserves their body heat. This makes them tougher to see and more resilient against predators.


Cats are naturally snoozers, and they can arrange themselves into some pawsome sleeping positions. Each one has its own meaning, and interpreting them can help you understand your furry friend better.

For example, if your cat sleeps with their belly completely exposed, it may be a sign that they feel extremely comfortable around you. That can be an indication of trust and confidence, says Pilossoph.

This is also a great way for your cat to regulate their body temperature. When they lie on their back and expose their belly, they can take a deep breath to cool down.

Another common sleeping position is the curled up kitty position, which helps cats retain their body heat while also protecting vulnerable organs. This helps them to conserve their energy and be ready for action if needed.

Sideways Sleeper

If your cat is snoozing in a sideways position, this is a sign that they are super relaxed and enjoying a deep sleep. It also shows that they are incredibly trusting of you and your living space.

Often, cats like to hide their sleeping spots in tight spaces to conserve heat and offer protection. This behavior can be traced back to their wildcat ancestors, who would seek out enclosed spaces during moments of insecurity.

This is why you may see your cat snoozing on the edge of the couch arm or on a handrail. They will rest there to keep a watchful eye out for potential threats.


The loaf position is a cute and comfy sleeping position that resembles the shape of a loaf of bread. When a cat is in this position, their front paws are tucked under their body and their tail is snagged.

This is a good way for cats to conserve heat and stay comfortable as the weather gets colder. In addition, it’s a sign that they are relaxed and comfortable with their surroundings.

Loafing is also a protective posture for vulnerable internal organs. It helps shield them from pain or injury, and it allows the cat to maintain a clear head for an accurate view of their surroundings.


The Superman position is a cat lying on its belly with front paws and back legs stretched forward, similar to what Superman does in flight. Often, it’s a sign of a cat that is in a relaxed state of mind, so they may be in the mood for a well-deserved nap.

This position can also help a cat conserve body heat, so it might be a good idea to make the Superman position a regular part of your kitty’s bedtime routine. It’s also an indicator of a cat that is confident and ready to defend their territory against the competition. This is the one of the best indications that you have a cat that thinks of themselves as protectors of their home and family.


The sphinx position is one of the most recognized cat sleeping positions and can be a sign that your cat is relaxed. Your kitty might be taking the time to meditate or just preparing to get in a quick rest before going on with their day.

This position can also imply that your cat is a very curious animal, especially if they aren’t accustomed to seeing the world around them. They might be keeping an eye out for any possible danger and are ready to respond if it arises.

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